Aka. The Erratic Cook


A Bit of Erratic Background 

“Okotoks Erratic” – “The Big Rock” is the world’s largest known glacial erratic–rock transported far from its place of origin by glacial ice.

Ok, so that being said…

The name Big Rock is everywhere in Okotoks.

Examples – A restaurant, a beer company, even a school!

I have noticed that the name Erratic is desperately underused in my community.

Therefore I will be blogging as “The Erratic Cook” – and if you have seen me in action in my little kitchen, the other dictionary meaning of erratic is quite fitting as well!

er·rat·ic- (i rattik) not predictable, regular, or consistent, especially in being likely to depart from expected standards at any time.

Yep, I have trouble following a recipe. I always want to change something! In my opinion a recipe is simply a guideline anyway. Sometimes this habit causes some grief when I can’t remember what I changed or added and I can’t duplicate some wonderful creation.

OOPs, Oh well, then it’s time to move on and start creating the next.

I will be joined on occasion in this blog by “My Music Man” Adrian. He is a cook and a foodie in his own right. I can always count on him for that integral ingredient that completes a good meal, while cooking and eating – music – he is the go to guy for anything music.

So, create something delicious, invite some guests then, just add wine and just add music.

And Just Enjoy!

Tracy “The Erratic Cook”

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