Aka Truly Scrumptious

My favorite food is a home-cooked meal made with home-grown produce, especially created and eaten in the company of family and friends. I also like potlucks, church suppers, and family-run and regional restaurants. There are very few foods that I don’t like, except processed, packaged food, which really isn’t food, now is it?

Some of you may remember the 1968 movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, based on the children’s book by Ian Fleming. I loved the movie, and my 13 year old self thought that the character Truly Scrumptious was truly marvelous. I adopted the name Truly Scrumptious for my other food blog, May Contain Nuts, and I remain Truly Scrumptious for Related by Food – Just Add Wine.

The-Man-With-Whom-I-Keep-Company will figure into my posts from time to time, as will my tiny but warm and happy kitchen.

My Recipes

The Truly Non-Scrumptious Cabinet of Food Curiosities


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