Aka. Crab Crackin’ Carly

It took me awhile to come up with my alias, but I think “Crab Crackin’ Carly” is very suiting; however, depending on my mood I may also from time-to-time go by the alias “The Impatient Chef“, as my cooking style tends to be on the impatient side.

Crab, crab and crab! It is my favorite animal and food. Weird? I know. I have always loved the taste of crab, having my first taste when I was the age of 3. My parents, especially my Dad (the twin brother to Marlena “Truly Scrumptious”), love to tell that story and how I ate all of my Dad’s crab. There was no going back after that. Whenever I can, I always try to find an excuse to have or cook crab. By the way, I happen to be one of the best crab crackers around. I can crack half a body of crab in whole pieces before most people finish a leg. Strange for a prairie girl, I know. You would think it’s all about the beef, which don’t get me wrong it still is! Mmm, steak neptune.

Recently I have found my inner foodie. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a foodie, but I have found a deeper side to my foodie self. Before I only enjoyed consuming really good food, but I have a new found appreciation of creating really good food. I have always struggled to find my inner cook, trying to follow in the footsteps of good cooks in my family those being my aunts, my Gramma W, my Grandma B, my Dad, and my Mom. It wasn’t until recently when I experienced a traumatic, emotional, heart-breaking event in my life that I started to focus on cooking. I found it helped me focus on positive thoughts, kept me busy, and made me happy. I even started to educate myself on the benefits of eating more organically and cooking from “scratch”. The unfortunate thing about cooking from scratch is that it can be time consuming and I am a very impatient person; hence, the second alias “The Impatient Chef”. Not to mention, with impatient cooking comes quite the mess, which is strange for me considering I am very orderly in my life. Thankfully I have my husband, Troy the “Five Finger Cook”, who cleans up my mess for me. Troy lacks skills in the cooking department and his idea of putting a meal on the table would be to call for delivery; therefore, we came to a compromise that if I cook the food he cleans up the mess.

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