Alena Graedon’s “The Word Exchange”

25 Apr

We met at Pat’s house for our April 21, 2016 Book/Food Club to discuss my choice of Alena Graedon’s book, The Word Exchange. The book contained lots of words, but not so many food references. However, Pat rose to the challenge and recreated a comfort food meal inspired by the diner where two of the main characters often met: The Fancy.


True to theme, our host combed through her collection to find lovely vintage linens with words printed or embroidered onto them.


Old-fashioned comfort food was a good antidote to the dystopian future that Graedon’s book presented. Our meal was a blue plate special of hearty meat loaf, potatoes and coleslaw, plated by our host who yelled authentically “Order up!” as each of our plates arrived. One of the main characters in the book had a thing about pineapples, so the coleslaw included pineapple, as did one of the beverages and the table’s centrepiece.


Pat cooked the meatloaf on a baking sheet rather than in a loaf pan. This created a greater surface-area-to-loaf ratio allowing for more crunchy crust goodness. I will be making my meatloaf this way from now on.


No diner meal is complete without pie, and our host did not disappoint. Luscious banana cream pie – oh my – and dressed up for company with chocolate shavings. Caramels and licorice, another book reference, rounded out the sweets.

Thank you for the mighty fine feast, dear host. In a word, scrumptious!

Posted by Marlena Wyman aka Truly Scrumptious



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