Kathleen Winter’s “Boundless”

7 Oct

Our Book/Food Club gathered at Dorothy’s to talk about Pat’s book choice: Kathleen Winter’s Boundless: Tracing Land and Dream in a New Northwest Passage. This book was particularly well suited for our evening, as talk of Kathleen Winter’s engaging and philosophical journey flowed through tales of our own summer travels.



We were grateful that Dorothy did not decide to take on some of the food mentioned in the book, in particular seal brains and seal livers, although I had offered to bring some back from Newfoundland in my suitcase.

Instead, our host opted for a delicious banquet of fishy, salty, cheesy delights, reminiscent of the offerings of northern seas and lands: herring, sprats, gravlax, capers, olives, grapes, roasted red peppers…



Rain Coast Crisps, Finn Crisp and focaccia breads, Colston Bassett Stilton, Kitscoty Pecorino, Balderson Cheddar and Grey Owl cheeses…



and beverages to slake thoughts of a briny sea: sparkling pear juice, San Pellegrino Limonata, Vina Cobos Felino Malbec, San Basa Rueda Blanco from Spain…



and a gorgeous Malivoire ice wine from Ontario to accompany our dessert of fresh raspberries and meringues from the redoubtable Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton. Was that enough? No! We drizzled them with maple syrup. Yes!


Thank you Dorothy! And thank you Kathleen Winter for an absorbing summer read.


I don’t know whether it is the light and colour in Dorothy’s home, but the mood in my photos of her invitingly laid tables tends to bring to mind Dutch Golden Age paintings. On this occasion, I am reminded of the fine monochromatic still life paintings of Clara Peeters. I think she would have enjoyed our Book/Food Club feasts.

Clara Peeters, Still Life with a Pie, c. 1611, oil on panel. Museo del Prado, Madrid - wikipedia

Clara Peeters, Still Life with a Pie, c. 1611, oil on panel. Museo del Prado, Madrid – Wikipedia

Posted by Marlena Wyman

Photographs by Marlena Wyman


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