Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street

11 Jun


For our June 4th Book/Food Club get-together at Pat’s, I selected Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street published in 1920. It interested me on a couple of levels: it is about a woman’s culture-starved experiences in prairie small-town America; I grew up in rural Alberta and identified with much of how the town and townsfolk were described, and I have been researching the lives of prairie women from that era.


Our host prepared a lovely table with vintage linens and hand-made pottery. The fare was inspired by the small town life of Gopher Prairie, the fictional community in which the story took place.


The menu included ham, resembling a pale pink flower and garnished with pansies; scalloped potatoes (oh my!), Waldorf Salad, and an assortment of crackers and cheeses.


Dessert offered us the delights of rhubarb custard pie, brownies and Scotch mints.


It was a feast the likes of which the Jolly Seventeen or the Thanatopsis Club would have approved (they do take such an interest in refinement and culture).


Posted by Marlena Wyman


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