Harvest Eatery in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

7 Jul

The-Man-With-Whom-I-Keep-Company and I just got back from a trip to SW Saskatchewan. The last time that we were there, the Harvest Eatery, a restaurant in Shaunavon had been highly recommended to us, but we were not able to eat there until this visit. I’m sorry we hadn’t managed to get there before, and we will be definitely go again!

Chef Garrett “Rusty” Theines is a Shaunavon home-town boy who left to try out the food scene in Vancouver, and after training and working there as a chef, the call to home was strong, so he returned to Shaunavon with his Vancouver-born wife,  Kristy Theines, who became the Harvest Eatery’s Restaurant Director.

The first episode of City TV’s The Prairie Diner provides some good background to the restaurant, and excellent food entertainment. Scroll across to Season 1 Episode 1 “Hot Stuff”. Harvest Eatery is the second segment of the episode:




The restaurant is a little hard to find, even in a town of just under 2000 souls. The exterior is unremarkable,with only a wee sign to mark its location. It looks like it was a post office or a medical clinic or one of those kinds of buildings. We were provided with a good landmark across the street, though.


The Chef Theines just walks across the street to  Ranchhouse Meat Co. and brings back fine cuts of meat provided by the local butcher.  Harvest Eatery buys local and fresh whenever possible, and we found that Chef experiments with a few exotic ingredients too.

Unlike the exterior, the interior shines – it is beautifully designed. Attentive Restaurant Director Kristy Theines  came over to our table to chat with us and in answer to our queries, told us that she designed the interior which includes stunning ceiling tiles, antique wooden tables and chairs, and salvaged antique ceiling tiles that line the front of the kitchen bar. Kristy also decorates the restaurant with local artists’ artworks. I approve of that of course.


Harvest Eatery interior


Bar in front of the open kitchen


Chef Garrett “Rusty” Theines wanted an open concept cooking area so that he can chat with the restaurant patrons while he cooks. The view into the kitchen from our table was over the bags of bread and rolls, which was not the best, but I wandered a bit to take a look around and I made a couple of friends at the kitchen bar.



L-R: Chef Theines, Kristy Theines and the Sous-Chef, who was working hard under the handicap of a broken arm. It didn’t slow him down – that kitchen is one fast-paced place.


After watching the TV episode, I had my heart and taste buds set on the Black Angus Brisket, listed on the menu under “Fodder” and described as slow-roasted Angus brisket, truffled pomme puree, Saskatchewan chanterelle mushroom demi, carrot puree, and veggies (broccolini in this case). I was not disappointed. The brisket was fall-apart tender with a nice crust of slow-roasted spices. The potatoes and carrots were dreamy-creamy and the broccolini was cooked to perfection with a nice bite to it.


The-Man-With-Whom-I-Keep-Company ordered the Pickerel, flown in from Lake Manitoba that day. Of course we shared. The menu described it as miso-honey glazed Lake Manitoba pickerel, warm tomato and heirloom tomato-zucchini  salad, with citrus vinaigrette. The pickerel was perfectly cooked and complemented by the sweet-saltiness of the glaze. The warm potato-tomato-zucchini salad was nice fresh accompaniment. I think I might try this one at home. The brisket is rather more difficult to wrangle in a home kitchen.


Although the appetizers (“Communal Fare”) looked amazing, we decided to go for  main and a dessert (“Sugar”). The Eatery’s Flapper Pie was “inspired by” rather than an exact copy of the traditional pie. The menu described it as vanilla panacotta (panacotta is one of my new faves thanks to my cousin Lee), summer berry compote over a crisp meringue, preserved lemon jam, and graham cookie crumbs.  It was delicious: sweet, tart, crunchy, smooth – it had it all. I do love my Mom’s Flapper Pie, but this is a fun take on the old prairie standby.


The Key Lime Pie in a mason jar was also “inspired by”. Described on the menu as graham and flaked oat crumble, key lime custard, and mango whipped cream, it was a tart and velvety taste of summer.


Happy diners.

If you are ever in the area of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, the Harvest Eatery is well worth a visit. Reservations advised – the place was hopping when we were there!

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    • Truly Scrumptious July 9, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

      That’s totally fine. Glad to help in getting the word out about this great restaurant!


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