Pot stickers – because it snowed.

2 Nov


It has taken me all week to get this posted, but here it is, and it is snowing today too!

Hurricane Haley and I had planned to finish raking the leaves this day, after all it was 20 degrees the day before! But, we do live in Alberta, soooo….it snowed. The leaves will be a soggy mess in the Spring – oh well.

We decided we were having a snow day and we weren’t going anywhere!


Hurricane Haley got busy carving her Halloween pumpkin as it was October 27th


I decided to make pot stickers because I was craving them.

I used what ingredients I had on hand – because, did I mention, it snowed! I am in total denial and really just want a summer do over.

Anyway, here is what I did.

My disclaimer as usual – this is a guideline, and the measurements are approximate.

First of all

½ white onion chopped fine

1 cup or so of Kale salad chopped fine

(I used my Pampered Chef chopper and the Kale salad came from Costco, it is really yummy as a salad, it has brussel sprouts and kale and other yummy super foods, but I wasn’t feeling like salad this particular day.)




sauté these ingredients in a little sesame oil



In a big bowl combine:

1 lb Ground pork

2 T soy sauce

1 T each oyster and hoisin sauce

1 cup cooked quinoa

fresh mint and cilantro minced (I would have added basil too if I had any)

salt and pepper

1 t chili garlic paste

1 egg


Add the onion/salad sauté

Mix all together

Now for the wrapping

Have a small bowl of water on hand and a damp towel to keep over the wrappers and the finished pot stickers.Separate a couple of wonton wrappersLay them out and dip your fingers in the water and brush around the edge of the wrapper. Place a small amount of filling in the center of each wrapper and pinch all the edges together. Continue this process until either all the filling, or your mind is gone! It can get a bit tedious. You may want to recruit help especially if you decide to double the recipe. I had the tunes cranked and that helped.


I increased my assembly line from 2 at a time to 4 at a time to 6 at a time, I was determined to get them done as fast as possible! Mostly because I wanted to eat them as soon as possible.

I ended up with 42 pot stickers in the freezer and 12 to eat right away.


To freeze, don’t cook, lay the freshly assembled potstickers out on a pan so they don’t touch, freeze, then place frozen potstickers in freezer bags.

To cook and enjoy straight away:

Get a fry pan and a couple tablespoons of cooking oil hot.

Add the pot stickers and cook until bottoms are browned a bit.


Now for the splattery tricky part.

Have the pan cover ready – use it as a shield – I’m not kidding!!!

You are now going to add a cup or so of water (hmmm hot oil and water) – stand as far back as possible – wear oven mitts and a welding mask and maybe one of those radiation cover up apron thingys or maybe just a full on haz mat suit – what ever you do, do not attempt this step naked! – ok now, throw in the water – quickly very, very quickly, put cover on! – clean up the splatter that is now all over the place!

But they are soooo yummy and soooo worth it all! Keep the lid on for approx 5 to10 minutes, check at about the 5 minute mark to see if it needs more water. The idea is that they will cook and firm up, then the water will evaporate and they will crisp up and brown some more. Once the water has dissipated, you can flip them to brown on all sides if you wish.

Now to enjoy them. Place them on a platter, have a bowl of chopped green onions and your choice of sauces for dipping. Just plain soy sauce is good or some chili garlic sauce to add some heat. Yum!




I didn’t have any – because it snowed and I didn’t go out!

However a nice fresh white would have been good with these.

I would recommend the same wine we had with our Thai Thanksgiving.


Gotta love the internet!

I actually found this song – lucky for you I couldn’t find it on you tube to share.

The Band – The Sharp Chuckies – the song – The Potsticker Song

I also found out that a band exists whose name is The Potstickers – again no link to share and probably just as well.

My Music Man’s pick:

The Grapes of Wrath – High Road

‪The Grapes of Wrath‪ ‘High Road’ Promo Video (2013)

Til next time

The Erratic Cook


One Response to “Pot stickers – because it snowed.”

  1. Truly Scrumptious November 2, 2013 at 11:40 pm #

    If it weren’t snowing, I would be down there for pot stickers!!

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