The Chopped Birthday

21 Sep

The Chopped Birthday

Birthday Boy

Date: August 31, 2013
Event: The Boy’s 13th Birthday
The Challenge – Chopped Birthday Meal

I am sure if you are reading this blog it is because you also are a foody and as such you are most likely familiar with the Food Network show Chopped. Well, The Boy has a keen interest in cooking (lucky us! Love that he has taken this interest) For some time now he and I have been discussing an – at home chopped challenge – so for his birthday I decided it was time to give it a try.

We decided to make it somewhat easy, as it was our first attempt.
So we did the following:
1. Only one course
2. We would know ahead of time two of the ingredients
3. Each team would bring one mystery item
4. We would have one hour to complete
You are probably thinking sheesh what is so challenging about that! Well, let me tell you it was actually harder than you think! First we were working as a team and well…I am used to cooking alone, we didn’t have a recipe to follow – ok no big deal as I never follow a recipe anyway, but we didn’t even have a guideline or a direction and we kept changing our minds as we went. (Hurricane Haley and I are creative that way) The Boys seemed to have a clear idea from the beginning! Hmmm!
Anyway, the biggest challenge was we were sharing the stove top and oven!

The Teams

My Music man and The Boy
My Music Man and The Boy

Me – The Erratic Cook and Hurricane Haley

Me The Erratic Cook and Hurricane Haley

Here is how it went down:
The known ingredients were
Pork tenderloin and baby potatoes
Mystery items were
The Boys brought Taber corn – Yum!
We threw in something none of us had before – Chayote squash – interesting!

So here are the ingredients – before.

The Ingredients

I have a couple of pictures of the process

IMG_2107 Hurricane Haley blur

Hurricane Haley moving so fast she is a blur!

Boy Team creating

The Boys creating in secretive silence.

We have no recipes for either dish – in fact Hurricane Haley and I could not reproduce this dish again if we tried! I know we used ginger, garlic, assorted Asian sauces and spices and some hibiscus syrup in the sauce for the pork and squash – which turned out quite lovely, but other than that???? Idk.
The Boy of course, could give you his recipe for his – Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon – on request!

The finished dishes!

The Girls – Pork tenderloin and Chayote squash stir fry in an Asian inspired sauce with Taber corn and roasted baby potatoes.

Girl Team

The Boys – Pork wrapped in Bacon, par boiled baby potatoes, grilled chayote squash, taber corn off the cob topped with bacon bits.

Boy Team

The Judge AKA Gramma

In the end the judge had both praise and constructive criticism for both dishes and yet didn’t indicate a clear winner.

The Judge AKA Gramma

We as a group decided the clear winner was Gramma’s Birthday cake.

The Boy requested Angel Food Cake with Real Whipped Cream and Berries and well of course that is what he got!
Oops no picture of that plated ummm …we kinda consumed it before we thought of a photo op.

Music choice

Mine – Birthday by The Beatles

My Music Man – anything by Valerie June

Wine choice

up to you this time.

I think we just drank cranberry juice with ginger ale

Until Next Time

The Erratic Cook


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  1. Truly Scrumptious September 21, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    What a great idea – that looks like tons of fun! And delicious too.

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