Beauty & Hygeine Curiosity #3: The Kult of Beauty Queens

27 Jan


A friend gave me this bar of Kult soap years ago. It is a German soap, so I checked out the Google translator to see what Kult means in German. It means Cult.

Kult/Cult Soap makes me think of the movie “Fight Club”.


I’m not allowed to say anything about it so you’ll just have to watch the trailer:

Thankfully, the slogan that appears on the Kult soap box saves it from being associated with The-Club-of-Which-I-Cannot-Speak.  “Die Zarte Pflege” translates to “The Tender Care”. Whew. I have a strict non-violent soap policy for the cabinet.


Rani Sandalwood Queen of Beauty Soaps, which I found in Edmonton’s Little India, conforms to the non-violence criteria. Rani launched the soap in 1941 and it was the first branded beauty soap to be made in Sri Lanka.


The reverse side of the box completes their slogan with the claim that it is also the “Soap of Beauty Queens”. In 2007, Rani held a promo where customers could send in Rani soap wrappers for a chance to win a gold pendant in the shape of a Beauty Queen’s crown.

So, how to link all this to the food blog? I mean other than you should wash your hands before you cook or eat. Google was again of great assistance. It would seem that the Indian restaurant “Indian Veg” in London England is the “Restaurant of Beauty Queens”.


Photo by Kerstin Rodgers

In Kerstin Rodgers food blog “The English Can Cook”, she mentions that “Many of the notices imply that if you eat at ‘Indian Veg’ regularly you will morph into an Indian beauty queen. There is a wall of dog-eared photos proudly displaying that ‘Indian Veg’ was the location of the Miss World contestant ‘staff’ meal.”



Photo by Kerstin Rodgers

By the way, Kerstin Rodgers is a very interesting woman. She started the underground restaurant/supper club movement and is involved in all kinds of other innovative and fabulous endeavours. Check out her blog.

Now, go forth and eat Vegetarian Indian Food to attain health and beauty. If you want to fast-track the Beauty Queen thing for yourself, go directly to “Indian Veg” in London. And remember to wash your hands first.

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One Response to “Beauty & Hygeine Curiosity #3: The Kult of Beauty Queens”

  1. The Erratic Cook February 3, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    Well I love Indian food and sandalwood soap is very nice, and now knowing the combination has a beauty queen connection! Well!!!

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