Curious food #13: The Allure of the Cow

2 Dec

This week I bring you a trio of curious Asian cow-related products.


At last! The Ribon Company of Hokkaido, Japan, provides us with a not too sticky calcium-enriched soft-candy that’s both healthy and tasty! Well, it’s about time! On-line reviews attest to the tastiness. One review claims “Sweet and creamy taste!” and another states “Yum yum!”.  However, I question the “healthy” claim. Sure, there are milk products in there, but there’s also corn syrup, sugar, palm oil, oligosaccharide, sorbitol, emulsifier, and artificial flavor. Yum yum!


Doctor Cow is a hard almond candy made by Maohuat Foodstuffs of China. Foodstuffs is a great word. So is Doctor Cow (OK, Mike, two words). Besides the venerable Doctor Cow, they also make Toe Dust Popping Candy with Lollipop: There are 7g of popping candy powder and 8g of toe shaped lollipop packed in one sachet. The consumer can lick the lollipop and use it to stick the popping candy to taste the popping feeling. There are strawberry, cola and orange flavor available”. Got to get me some of that Toe Dust for the Cabinet of Food Curiosities!


I have shifted over to my Cabinet of Toiletry Oddities for the last of the alluring cow trio: Cow Beauty Soap. We are finally getting to the bottom of the cow craze on this Japanese company’s website: “There is an old saying here, ‘business as slow but steady pace of the cow’. For us, the ‘cow’ trade-mark is not just something we put on our products. It symbolizes the spirit and posture of our company policy. The cow does not know how to turn back and can only go forward with tenacious perseverance. It is a good example for us to follow. Also being very mild and docile in disposition and yet with much vitality, it is liked very much by everybody.”

That doesn’t really explain the association of cows and beauty. However, as I read through their website, I liked them more and more. They seem to be very environmentally and socially aware. Part of their President’s message is, “We have proposed a new basic principle, “Everlasting gentleness and tenderness”.  Hey, I’m all for that!

All this cow and doctor and gentleness talk reminds me of the amazing film Temple Grandin based on the true life story of Dr. Temple Grandin who is now a professor at Colorado State University and a renowned speaker on autism. She is also a bestselling author, lecturer and consultant to the livestock industry regarding animal behavior, especially that of cattle. All this in spite of her early diagnosis of brain damage, which was later diagnosed as autism. I know that may sound a bit dry, but the film is completely absorbing and engaging. This is one of the best films that I have seen EVER!

Have a gentle, tender week. Hug a cow if you happen to come across one.

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One Response to “Curious food #13: The Allure of the Cow”

  1. The Erratic Cook December 2, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    I LOVE Cows!! I would definately hug one! Makes me miss the farm.I know there is a comment to be made about the link between your blog and mine today…but I am going to leave it alone.

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