Curious food #9: Chocolate – From Kings to Cows

3 Nov

I have a few curious chocolate items in my Cabinet of Food Curiosities. A British set of commemorative chocolates for Henry the VIII and his Six Wives is one. Does depicting Henry the VIII and his Six Wives as chocolate heads seem inappropriate to anyone else?  According to Wikipedia “He executed at will, beheading, often in public, more English notables than any monarch before or since. The roll of heads included two wives, twenty peers, four leading public servants, and six of the king’s close attendants and friends, not to mention one cardinal and various heads of monasteries”. In particular, munching on Anne Boleyn’s and Catherine Howard’s heads seems unnecessarily cruel. The manufacturer missed out on the opportunity for a simple history lesson by pointing out the above and including under each wife’s portrait the common device used to remember the fates of King Henry VIII’s consorts: “annulled, beheaded, died, annulled, beheaded, survived”. Tasty, fun and informative!

Another royal chocolate confection, this one from the Netherlands, is Prince Cosmy’s. But Prince Cosmy’s what? I should probably report this to the Grammar Cops. Apparently there are a number of groups outraged by the inappropriate use of apostrophes including Apostrophe Abuse and  Apostrophe Catastrophes.

As an aside, I think Prince Cosmy kind of bears a resemblance to Burger King. Maybe it’s that pointing thing they both do.

I’m not sure that this next inhabitant of my Cabinet of Food Curiosities is chocolate. It’s brown. There are some sort of animated characters on the package but I couldn’t find them on the internet. The only English on the package is “Fujiya”, the name of the company. The closest thing I could find was on this website  which charmingly states “Product explanation: 110 g of Fujiya anpanman candy *6 is the candy which small child can eat in peace. I use the polyphenol which is kind to the tooth which I extracted than tea. It is with a re-seal seal.”

The last chocolate offering from the cabinet was a lovely gift from a friend in Regina, Saskatchewan. A Regina store, Dessart Sweets, commissioned Saskatchewan sculptor Joe Fafard to create a chocolate cow mold. Proceeds from every sale go to the Jane Turnbull Evans Memorial fund to support and assist emerging Saskatchewan women artists.

Now I want some chocolate. I wonder if there are any Halloween chocolate bars left….

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  1. The Erratic Cook November 7, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    Mmmmm chocolate.

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