Curious food #4: Got (Spray Dried Goats’) Milk?

30 Sep

I do. Spray Dried Goats’ Milk All Purpose Whole Milk Tablets to be specific. A friend brought these back from Taiwan. Cute goat. Cute kids. The rest of the packaging is written in Chinese characters, so I don’t know the name of the company and I couldn’t find it on-line. But here is something that I think is a similar product, in gift package form no less.

According to the website, it is formulated “following recommendations from senior goat milk experts”.

And if spray dried milk is not to your liking, perhaps milk in a tube will please you. This one is complete with an illustration of another cute animal – a cow with a daisy in her hair. Daisies and cows just seem to go together. Remember Elsie the Borden Dairy cow? She apparently married Elmer the Glue Bull. I don’t even know where to begin with that one. But I digress.

This is “sweetened condensed milk” in a soft plastic tube. Again, the rest of the info is not in English, but the name of the company is Morinaga which is based in Tokyo, Japan. I couldn’t find the exact packaging, but that may be because it is yet another expired product in the Cabinet of Food Curiosities. I see that Morinaga also makes an infant formula called “Chil-Kid”. Great name, intentional or otherwise.

Whilst Googling, I also came across a Wikipedia entry for “Milk Morinaga”, who is a female Japanese adult-comic-book artist. Oh dear, that’s the internet for you.

Here is a YouTube video titled “Cute Korean baby powdered milk commercial”. Yes it is. Apparently the baby is saying “I keep my body healthy! Most important!”


Enjoy your milk and cookies, in whatever form that milk may be! (These are gluten-free oatmeal cookies from The Dessert Spot‘s food blog. I made them for a gluten-free friend. Even us glutinous people enjoyed them ).


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One Response to “Curious food #4: Got (Spray Dried Goats’) Milk?”

  1. The Erratic Cook October 1, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    I still can’t get over the Elsie Elmer saga! Who knew? I sure didn’t. Funny and disturbing, Elmer might want to get some clothes and maybe look into anger management. He is the stereotypical mad bull. Awesome. Thanks for the education on this.

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