22 Sep


Get out your best chopping knife and the stoneware pan again, it’s time to roast some vegetables!

One day a couple weeks ago I had a craving for vegetable minestrone.

I love really good homemade soups and most aren’t that hard to make.

One thing I like about minestrone is you can add just about any vegetable that you have on hand.

I usually add cabbage, but didn’t have any this day. You can add beans too if you like. If you prefer a meat version, you can add diced cooked chicken or even cooked hamburger.

This is what I did …this time…each soup I make comes with its own personality.

Here is what I had on hand. (OOPs no picture before they got chopped.)

1 Onion – chopped

2 carrots – sliced fancy with a crinkle knife

2 stalks of celery – chopped

1 red bell pepper – chopped

1 zucchini – chopped

1 summer squash – chopped

2 cloves garlic – pressed

10 fresh large cherry tomatoes – sliced in half

Scatter it all on the stoneware pan drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with oregano, pepper and sea salt, then into the oven at 350 for about ½ hour.

Other stuff you will need

4 cups – chicken broth – or vegetable broth if you want it to be truly all veg.

1 can of diced tomatoes

Rind from a parmesan block – chopped into large chunks

A good sprinkling of oregano

Fresh ground pepper

A fresh rosemary sprig

Meanwhile, I heated up the chicken broth with the can of diced tomatoes. I added some oregano, pepper, a sprig of fresh rosemary and the chunks of rind.

I keep these rinds in my freezer for just this purpose.

Once they have been simmering in the soup they become nice and soft and gooey and yummy.

Get the broth nice and hot and once the vegetables are roasted, add them to the broth and let it simmer away for an hour or so.

see the rosemary sprig and cheese rind

This can be done in a big pot on your stove top too, but I had to run some errands so I used my slow cooker on this occasion.

Then for serving

Cooked pasta – optional – I used spaghetti this time

Pesto sauce – optional, but I love it in this soup.

Shaved parmesan cheese – gotta have!

Bread on the side.

Ladle the soup over the pasta, add a dab of pesto and some shaved parmesan on top, a nice bread on the side and enjoy! Yum!


An Italian red of course.


My Music Man picks – One Retro and one newish

My Music Man wants you to guess who the female lead is in The Mugwumps.

Retro pick – Mugwumps – Searching

My Music Man is all about this guys voice – I like it too!

New pick – Elbow – Grounds for Divorce

My picks this time are: two songs I felt were fitting for the recipe.

Life is a Minestrone by 10 CC


Anna Wilson – Minestrone Soup

I couldn’t find a link.

Til next time

The Erratic Cook


One Response to “Mmm-Mmm-Minestrone!”

  1. Truly Scrumptious September 23, 2012 at 9:26 am #

    What a excellent fall soup. And now I know what to do with those parmesan rinds – great tip!

    The Mugwumps female lead singer sounds like Mama Cass to me, and has a definite Mamas and Papas groove to it overall. And no, I did not Google to find out (until after I had guessed).

    Thanks for introducing me to Elbow. Great sound and great video. I need to search out more of Elbow’s tunes.

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