Adrian’s Aisles

3 Sep

So My Music Man has decided to risk life and limb … ok maybe only tastebuds, but is risking them for you. He will be searching grocery store aisles for the dusty, interestingly packaged, usually foreign edibles and reporting his findings after sampling. These items will all be under $5.00.
Here is the 1st post of this nature – In his own words after testing three products as follows:

Grass Jelly Drink from Taiwan – 88 cents plus 10 cent deposit

In most countries, thirst quenching beverages are sold in similar cans. This unfortunately is not true with grass jelly. The color is similar to par 3 weed killer and taste I can only assume not far off. To be more precise, prune juice, cold tea and a lack of carbonation does not help this beverage. If you are familiar with various other bubble teas the sludge at the bottom is of such consistency – EWWW.

Therefore I must give it a thumbs down.


Pistachio & Almond cookies from India  – 99 cents

These cute delights are disappointing on the first bite. The flavors are not immediately present.

However, after several, they become pleasing to the palette. The packaging is cute and draws you in & for 99 cents are perfect for dunking.

Therefore I gave it a ½ thumbs up but with more samples of similar cookies could become a thumbs up.


Moong Dal  also from India  – $1.29

These salty snacks formerly mung beans should be sold in all North American vending machines next to Doritos. They are crispy, tasty, and really quite good.

I ate them straight out of the package, included them in a stir fry, and enjoyed this unique taste sensation.

Therefore a big thumbs up to the Moong Dal.

Disclaimer – the opinions of these tastings are in no way intended to insult the manufacturers of these fine products – only this man’s reaction.

Until the next grocery store visit

Music Man


2 Responses to “Adrian’s Aisles”

  1. Truly Scrumptious September 3, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Great column, Music Man! As you know, I love curious food offerings, especially those with interesting translations on the packaging. I am not as adventurous as you, though. I just collect ’em, I don’t eat ’em. In fact, I am planning to start posting one per week on the food blog. Watch for The Truly Non-Scrumptious Cabinet of Food Curiosities.
    Looking forward to more of your food adventures!

  2. cradics September 8, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Hmm, I’ve always wondered about the Grass Jelly drink since I have frequented many Vietnamese Sub delis who sell it. Based on your description of the drink, I think I’m good not to try it 🙂

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