The Quintessential Quesadilla

1 Sep

Camping Cuisine

Me, (The Erratic Cook), my daughter aka “Hurricane Haley”, My Music Man and his son aka “The Boy” all went camping this summer at Wasa Lake with friends. Sadly My Music Mans Teen 1 had to work and missed out 😦 hopefully she can come with us next year.  I believe that even camping food should be more gourmet than boring so I packed many essentials such as a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar lots of fresh fruits (such as blueberries and champagne grapes) and veggies (such as portobello mushrooms), herbs and spices fresh(cilantro) and dried, etc – I think you get the picture.

We borrowed a RV – awesome – but decided that the majority of the cooking would be more comfortable if done outside.  Day before departure we were off to Canadian Tire and found this little beauty on sale for $29.99 – I love a sale!

It quickly became My Music Mans challenge to cook EVERYTHING on the BBQ, breakfast, lunch and supper, not just the usual burgers, etc, but a plethora of food items, including Perfect Pizza.  I was either too impressed or too hungry to remember to take pictures of everything (sorry) but did capture one dish I will show here.

The Quintessential Quesadilla

What you need:


Cooked chicken – chopped small

Grated cheese – your choice – we had cheddar. (We had already eaten the jalapeno jack)

(Chop up into small bits whatever yummy vegetable you can find in your little RV fridge)

I found:

Fresh Peppers

Mushrooms and onions – previously sautéed leftovers.

Fresh tomatoes

Jalapenos chopped fine

Sprinkled in some crushed chilies

Fresh cilantro for the top

What you do:

Apparently the correct BBQ temperature and the talent to flip an overstuffed quesadilla is all you need.


Saute your veg on the BBQ set aside close by and get ready to assemble.

So, place 1st tortilla down, then distribute evenly a layer of cheese, add the other toppings.

Then distribute evenly more cheese then top with the 2nd tortilla – I am told that the cheese at the right temperature creates “the glue” required for accurate flipping.


When ready – flip! Now brown the other side as nice as this one and voila! Cut up into sections to share and sprinkle some fresh cilantro on top. Yum!  Serve with salsa and sour cream if you wish.


I drank a nice bold red wine while watching this process.

Oh yes, and I saved some for My Music Man and we toasted another successful and delicious meal made on the $29.99 BBQ.


My Music Man’s picks are – Metric – a Canadian Band (Montreal) with a female lead singer – and then for something completely fun- the always entertaining, check out –The Squirrel Nut Zippers!

My pick – Take a listen to – Calexico – I love the horns – to slow things down and mellow out check out the song Frank’s Tavern

Here is My Music Man and The Boy rockin the BBQ

Til next time

The Erratic Cook


One Response to “The Quintessential Quesadilla”

  1. Truly Scrumptious September 1, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

    Wow – you can even make camping food look (and I’m sure taste) gourmet! That’s such a darling little BBQ. Looking forward to seeing more of your wee BBQ adventures.

    I listened to the music while I read the post. The Music Man didn’t suggest any particular songs for each artist, so I listened to Help I’m Alive by Metro (got me groovin”), and Put a Lid On It by Squirrel Nut Zippers (I’d like to be at a party with these guys!) And then The Erratic Cook’s music choice mellowed me out again. Great food and great music.

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